Empowered Faith Communities Online Training Resources

The Empowered Faith Communities Online Training Resource Module 1 is now available and ready to use!

This resource focuses on providing support that strengthens and empowers the capacity to build community while developing a discipleship culture. It is designed to equip EFC Cluster Coaches, Leaders, and Participants with skills and knowledge on engaging in a community meal and simple worship service with people doing life tough, in an empowering manner.

This online resource is designed for use in key EFC contexts:


1. EFC Coaching Clusters where a Cluster Coach engages church leaders and volunteers who contribute to relationship building in their local community meal


2. EFC Workshops delivered locally by community-based EFC Workshop facilitators


3. Individual Leaders and Coaches as a primer and/or refresher
The complete resource consists of 20 video-based modules with exercises and discussion points, lasting 30-45 minutes each including a 15-minute video.

 Learning is designed to be reinforced by the EFC Training Manual.


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