Our vision is to catalyse the church to develop Empowered Faith Communities with people doing life tough.

Our Purpose

To build and encourage self-sustaining faith-based communities with people on the margins who may feel uncomfortable in existing faith communities.

To build and encourage self-sustaining faith-based communities with people on the margins. We want to empower those who may be struggling with life challenges that contribute to them feeling uncomfortable in existing middle class faith communities.

The Empowered Faith Communities concept centres on community gatherings in and amongst people living in poverty. Empowerment is central to the model, underpinned by proven principles for sustainable, long-term human flourishing.

We are committed to helping faith-based groups establish Empowered Faith Communities in their context. We are ready to equip you with training, resources and ongoing support.

Empowered Faith Communities is a COACH Network initiative, COACH Network provides community strengthening programs that empower individuals and families, breaking generational cycles of poverty and family breakdown.

Mark Matthews shares more about Empowered Faith Communities.

“My empowered faith community have enabled me to find purpose and meaning in my life, and most importantly introduced me to Jesus.”

— Sharon, Empowered Faith Community participant

Want to know more?

To find out more about establishing an Empowered Faith Community please contact Mark Matthews or Megan Micalizzi

David had engaged with churches in the past but had difficulty forming a sense of belonging & acceptance. He felt frozen out of mainstream church, to find out more about how being a member of an EFC helped David, click below to read his story.

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