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Being part of a caring, like-minded community is essential for human flourishing. Empowered Faith Community participants are encouraged to share their strengths to benefit one another in a supportive, empowering and gospel-centred environment. These communities promote personal development and strong spiritual growth.

Empowerment and Community Development is central to our model underpinned by proven practices for sustainable long-term flourishing. EFCs move away from a benevolence and charitable model to an empowered and ownership model.

Empowerment is central to the model, underpinned by proven principles for sustainable,
 long term flourishing:

  1. Empowerment as a culture
  2. Understanding the methods of empowerment
  3. Acceptance before change model
  4. Developing community through strengths
  5. Moving from dependent to empowered faith communities
  6. Seeing participants learn to “be and bring the good news” into their own social setting

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