The EFC Model

Our Communities

⟶ Being part of a caring, like-minded community is essential for human flourishing. Empowered Faith Community participants are encouraged to share their strengths to benefit one another in a supportive, empowering and gospel-centred environment. These communities promote personal development and strong spiritual growth.

Empowerment and Community Development is central to our model underpinned by proven practices for sustainable long-term flourishing. EFCs move away from a benevolence and charitable model to an empowered and ownership model.

Empowerment is central to the model, underpinned by proven principles for sustainable,
 long term flourishing:

  • Empowerment as a culture
  • Understanding the methods of empowerment
  • Acceptance before change model
  • Developing community through strengths
  • Moving from dependent to empowered faith communities
  • Seeing participants learn to “be and bring the good news” into their own social setting

Partnering with local churches and community groups

⟶ We offer a sponsored learning community assisting organisations who are called to work within neighbourhoods where people are doing life tough.

Through a two year learning community, we train and support organisations, developing purpose and practice that assists individuals on the margins of society to move out of a disempowered welfare service orientated model, into an empowered model with a strong multiplying discipling culture.

To find out more about starting up an Empowered Faith Community please contact Mark Matthews.