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EFC Online Training Course

The Empowered Faith Communities Online Training Course Module 1 is now available and ready to use!

The course focuses on providing support that strengthens and empowers the capacity to build community while developing a discipleship culture. It is designed to equip EFC Cluster Coaches, Leaders, and Participants with skills and knowledge on engaging in a community meal and simple worship service with people doing life tough, in an empowering manner.

The course is designed for use in key EFC contexts:


1. EFC Coaching Clusters where a Cluster Coach engages church leaders and volunteers who contribute to relationship building in their local community meal


2. EFC Workshops delivered locally by community-based EFC Workshop facilitators


3. Individual Leaders and Coaches as a primer and/or refresher
The complete course consists of 20 video-based modules with exercises and discussion points, lasting 30-45 minutes each including a 15-minute video.

 Learning is designed to be reinforced by the EFC Training Manual.

EFC Online Training Course

The courses consist of a series of videos covering each of the key training unit topics with some tasks to complete at the end of each section to help reinforce key learnings.

To access the Family or Youth Online Training Units please click on the links below:

Enjoy your training!